29 November 2012

Camels and Cupcakes

Feel like I have been quite productive with my morning, after falling asleep when my boyfriend went to work at 6, I rose at 10, made cupcakes, went to the shop cause we didn't have any butter, who doesn't have butter in their house?! Got myself the closest thing that rustlers does to a lunch, cleaned my bathroom (note: if you can, never share a bathroom with a boy!) then had a shower and got ready for work, and I'm still and hour early to leave, boom! Productiveness! Though really I should be doing my coursework...

failed mirror shot. It was the morning, cut me some slack.

lots of mess

cigarette while the cupcakes cook

cigarette smoke

my garden

autumn trees


this is a cupcake a little bit closer

this is as close as you can get to a cupcake with out getting your eyes frosted

ready for action.

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