12 November 2012

Penguins Wearing Sweaters

So, once again been shopping! I need to save my my boyfriends money really, bless him. I bought the penguin top from river island along with some nerds (love those sweets) then went to accessorize and bought the bag and the elephant necklace, which I loove. Then went to lush and bought their dry shampoo as I haven't found one I like yet, hopefully this will be the one:) and bought a bath bomb, because, well, how can you not!? Then this was my lunch today, I love soreen when its absolutely smothered in butter, not very good for you but it tastes soso good! Also, my boyfriend thought he was being a dick this week so he bought be a box of Thorntons chocolates and a vanilla candles (I love vanilla!) so it has been a good week so far! peace and love x


  1. Love the elephant necklace!

    1. I saw it and i just had to have it! haha

  2. Cute necklace.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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