19 November 2012

Woburn Safari Park

My boyfriend treated me to a day out yesterday, we went to Woburn Safari Park, which is has two parts to it, the park has a part where you drive through enclosures like the lions and monkeys and a second part where you walk around by the penguins and birds, it was so much fun I love animals and they are so hilarious, the monkeys jumps on your cars (which put my boyfriend on edge because he thought they were going to steal parts of his car, haha!) and in the bird sanctuary you got a pit of nectar and they would fly over to you and one flew on my head which scared me shitless! But it was an amazing day all together and hopefully we am off to whipsnade next week, yay!


  1. these pictures are lovely.
    i love going to zoos and safari parks :)
    that giraffe looks so sweet too.
    i love you blog, i've just started following.
    hope you can pop over and say hi, i'd love to speak some more.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah i love to as well, hah :)
    Sweet, i will do just that:)