15 January 2013

Goals for 2013

1. Move out with Harry
After nearly moving out with my ex, I have always wanted to fly the nest, and in meeting Harry, I have found someone who I want to share my life with, and getting a flat is the first step.
2. Finish interior design course
Over christmas I was lacking on my interior design course, but I finally one unit off today and so I feel much more back on track.
3. Blog more
It may not seem it sometimes, but I love blogging and I always want to blog but my life isnt really exciting enough to blog, hopefully this year will be though, fingers crossed!
4. Develop old camera films
I have had old camera films for years and I have always wanted to develop them and I have decided by the end of this year they will all be developed!
5. Read more
I go in and out of reading a lot I will have a few weeks where all I do is read and then half a year where I dont even touch a book, I want to finish at least 3 of my stated books this year.
6. Take more photos
I love taking photos and now equipped with a camera, I will definately take more photos!
7. Complete 50 things in 365 days
I tried doing this last year and it went so down hill and so this year I made everything a littler easier and started again, so hopefully I will complete it this year!

Bring on '13

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  1. Lovely resolutions! We share a few of the same ones. :) Love your blog; it's my absolute pleasure to follow back! xx