5 February 2013

Recent purchases

Marks&Sparks Valentines Crackers

Marks&Sparks children's boots

So, as you can tell, I went shopping yesterday, and I have been looking for a pair of brown boots for the last month or so and I saw these beauties above in the childrens sale sections or Marks&Sparks, and I said to my mum that im gutted they arent big enough and she checked for me and found a size six, chuffed to absolute pieces! I also so these cute valentines crackers which I had to buy, they have a love token and everything, ahh :) And of course it wouldn't be a shopping trip if I didn't mind another random thing for my room, this floral duvet cover was from Tesco, only £20, baaaarrrginnnn!


  1. Cute blog! Those valentine crackers are awesome haha.
    Want to follow each other?

  2. Cute crackers x
    Do you get a present like Christmas ones.

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  3. yeah you get a glass buddy, a love voucher and a joke I think, so cute! Oh awesome I love your blog and now following xxxx