50 Things in 365 Days

So I have created a list of things to within a year, I did this last year but I didn't try and I didn't get most of the stuff done but this year I am more confident I can do it.
Start Date: 9th November 2012
End Date: 9th November 2013

1. Get a second tattoo
2. Go on holiday
3. Watch 40 new movies (10/40)
4. Develop all random film negatives
5. Go fruit picking
6. Own ten new nail polish colours (10/10)
7. Go to a crafts fair
8. Have my picture taken in a photo booth
9. See three new theatre shows (1/3)
10. Host a movie marathon
11. Make an item of clothing
12. Start making jewelry
13. Finish interior design course
14. Move out
15. Have a romantic weekend away
16. Bake a cake/cupcakes
17. Develop a better skin routine
18. Get provisional
19. Go on a picnic
20. Learn to sew
21. Make five dishes you haven’t made before  (2/5)
22. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it in to a piece of art
23. Take more photos
24. Buy a piece of art
25. Make a handmade greeting card
26. Make a list of 50 things that make me happy
27. Make a scrapbook
28. Eat a food I’ve never tried before
29. Buy a Polaroid camera
30. Get a Christmas and New Years kiss from Harry
31. Design a t’shirt and get it printed
32. Buy somebody Flowers
33. Take mum out for a meal
34. Try out 10 new restaurants (3/10)
35. Get my passport renewed
36. Read an auto biography
37. Buy something from Esty
38. Make breakfast in bed for someone
39. Say yes to something I would normally say no to
40. Visit Harry in Spain
41. Host a dinner party
42. Give your boyfriend a massage
43. Be a bridesmaid
44. Save all my change
45. Decide on career (at least next step)
46. Spend a day at the beach
47. Spend a whole day exploring London
48. Save up money to go on a shopping spree
49. Eat 3 meals a day for a week
50. Update my CV

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