2 January 2013


1. Feeling like a writer, smoking and writing a post but I am off to London in about 15 minutes to go see Matilda with my cousin and my grandad which I am so excited about, woo! But my grandad doesnt know I smoke so I have to have my last one of the day/evening til I get back (cheeky).
2. Hope you all had a good christmas/ new year, I had an amazing time but I will do a seperate post on that when I sort my laptop out:)
3. Sorry I havent posted in a while, my laptop I got for christmas hasnt got a card slot so i need to get a usb card readery thing, so i will buy that on friday or there abouts and should be posting by the weekend! :)
4. One thing I did get for christmas is an iPad! So I can keep up to date and post dodgy photos from there haha:)

Me and my boyfriend on our way back from York.

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