5 January 2013

Whats in my bag

 Thought I would give this tag a go.

I got my bag from accessorize the other day in the sale for only £15, cheap as chips really (15 packets of chips). My boyfriend wont go in my bag like ever, he said that he has seen stuff go in there that has never come out, haha. Anyway, main event:
1. Into The Wild, Jon Krakauer: Love the film, I have a review (kind of not really) here. I have started taking a book round with me because I stand around waiting a lot, and it gives me time to fall in love with this book even more.

2. Mist You Madly, Soap&Glory: Love the scent, I use perfume before I go out but I have ruined too many perfumes by taking them in my bag all the time, so this is an easier way for me to smell good.

3. Purse, River Island: Probably the best thing River Island do is their purses, I wanted one for ages and not that they are expensive but when you are a usual Primark gyal about town it is hard to justify £17 on a purse, but I am so glad I bought it, I love ittttttt.

4. Make up bag, Cath Kidston: I got this as a secret Santa from one of our cats (don't ask), and well after as you can see I went on a small Cath Kidston bender! 

5. Hand Food. Soap&Glory: I am a major hand moisturizer, I even brought one in to work so I can moisturize then as well! And I love anything Soap&Glory, so it is my perfect love.

6. Glasses Case, Cath Kidston: This is the first part of my Cath Kidston bender, as my glasses are pretty much ruined as they have so many scratches on them, this case was a long time coming, haha, and it is very cute.

7. Hand Warmer, ClickHeat: I got three of these hand warmers at winter wonderland, (which was awesome btw). They are very cool things, you click the metal disc and the liquid hardens and warms and then to reverse the process, you just boil it until all the little crystals are gone.

8. iPad, Apple: This is the best thing I have ever got for Christmas  I learn even cooler stuff about it everyday, its the best, and of course I have to get a Cath Kidston case!


  1. Great post-I love seeing these! I just did one of my own yesterday :-)


  2. Hey, I’m loving your blog! Great post :)

    Come check me out – elliebeaa.blogspot.com
    Love, Ellie x

  3. i love your floral cases!



  4. nice bag!
    i also love your bedroom aswell-very original and indie!
    please subscribe:)

  5. Absolutely love your Cath Kidton iPad case! And your bag is gorgeous too xxx