25 March 2013

Lazy Monday

Lazy Lazy Mondays, I love 'em, since I work tuesday to saturday, monday is my sunday, where I do nothing but lounge around in my new tracksuit ( haha, aka matching joggers and hoodie from h&m) and watch the lying game and eat lots of food! Its brill.
I went to Cambridge yesterday and bought a few thing (below) Lush, bathbombs, h&m joggers and hoodie, Topsho cat top, Cath Kidston notes and purse. Then I finally found a use for my corona bucket ( I might have stolen from work) and then I folded my scarves, pretty productive really, anyway off to do the weekly food shop with the boyf.


  1. love the way you store your products in the corona thing hah! oooo i need a good tracksuit bottom. So comfy X

  2. I love lazy mondays too! The cat shirt is the cutest!

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