20 March 2013

Things I have recently come to own

So these are things I have recently come to own, whether its shopping or a present :)

Blonde&Blonde jumper: I tried this on at Bank and I fell in love with it, slightly see through so precautions must be made but I love, it dipped at the back, its just perfect!
Primark Aztec bag: Love this bag and it was pure coincidence I found it I was originally looking for a bag to have as hand luggage to Egypt and its bloody perfect!
Primark Leopard hairband: I wanted one of these for so long I have been using big hairbands which are just shit really, only last 1 week before they stretch, this is a gem buy!
EcoTools brush: I needed a brush so bad and this was well... worth its money, my previous had lost all of the plastic combs and its handle so, yeah. Necessary buy.
Special BridesMaids dish: My mum gave me this the other day and its so cute! I cant wait for her wedding, eeeeeeexcitement!
Cd's & DvDs: I have wanted the Beyonce album since it came out, massive Beyonce fan! And I heard Breeze Blocks by ALTJ and i had to have that too, and I dont think I need an excuse to buy a Disney film!

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  1. Beyonce, great choice, she's amazing, right? :}X