8 March 2013

This Weeks Buys

Pug Face Make up bag:
You cant possibly think of a reason not to buy this which couldn't be counteracted with awwwww! 

Microfibre Hair Wrap:
I broke my soap and glory one the other day and they are very useful for me at least, so I needed another one, not too exciting.

Scrub Your Nose In It S&G Face Scrub:
It smells minty and fresh. After using it I generally thought I had a whole new face, love ittt!

Sugar Crush S&G Body Wash:
Man this smells good, all fresh and stuff! I absolutely love it so much, it makes me clean and all nicely smelly smelly! Everyone reading this needs to go and at least smell it, ya know, walk in to boots go to the S&G section and take a big old whiff! Its a must!


  1. That makeup bag is gorgeous i need it in my life!! xx

    1. It is THE best bag in the world! haha xxx

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  3. Replies
    1. It was the buy of the year for me and its only March! xxx

  4. that pug bag is gorgeous! Love your blog, I just followed!

    Adventures in Procrastination

    1. I know im close to cuddling it while i fall asleep! haha xxx

  5. Love that pug purse! So cute, want one!


    Ellie xo

  6. I really want to try the Scrub Your Nose In It!! I have searched and can't seem to find it anywhere here in the States. I'm hoping Sephora will get some in eventually.